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Occupancy Records

How It Works

MYRETA is a crowd-sourced, self-administered Commercial Real Estate site. This allows for transparency to the industry and value for the users. Since the users are adding and editing the information instead of paid help, the accuracy is enhanced, the cost is kept low and the information is “owned” by the users instead of by MYRETA.

There is a people social networking application that allows for networking with peers but also has the ability to network with properties to track and be notified of additions or edits from other users. You have the ability to set your notifications to see if anyone changes data you haven’t confirmed to make certain of the quality of the information in your properties.

After you register as a free member you will be able to enter and edit your profile, add members to your network, set your notifications and security setting and add your matching profile to be able to get notified when properties being marketed for sale, debt, equity or leasing match your requirements.

You will also be able as a free member to add and edit property information. If you have general, location, people, amenities or technical information about a property, you can add that as well as pictures. When you set your notifications you will be notified if there are changes.

If you want to look at or add Capital Markets Comps, which includes Sales, Debt and Equity and Lease comps, you will be charged $50 per month for unlimited use, comps and reports.

If you want to look at or add Lease Comps, you will be charged $50 per month for unlimited use, comps and reports.

The site has a document storage area that is SSAE-16, SOC-1 qualified that is $25 per property per month. This will allow you to keep your documents in this secure site and allow for marketing the property as well.

The site will give you the ability to market your property for sale to buyers, for debt to lenders, for equity to equity sources and for lease to tenants and their brokers. You will be able to send to individuals, marketing groups you have developed, or to anyone that has a match profile that has the same criteria. The system will have reports developed or you will be able to download the information you need to use your own report.