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Dallas Office Space for Lease - MYRETA
Finding Dallas area office space for lease is an important consideration for any business. Utilize the MYRETA commercial real estate database to identify available office space for lease options. MYRETA is a crowd-sourced database providing information to the commercial real estate industry (“CRE”). Property information, capital market (sales, debt and equity) and lease comps are available by accessing the button selections to the right.

Buying or leasing office space in Dallas, Texas can be challenging. Because of the size of the city, making certain that you are located in the proper submarket is critical to maximize your exposure, be near your clients or transportation. This requires knowledge of the market and time. If you are a large company, you will need to start the planning and search process at least 12 to 18 months prior to when you plan to actually move in. For smaller companies, 6 to 8 months is probably sufficient, but remember, with leases running for 5 to 10 years, this is a decision that everyone in the company will live with for better or worse. Therefore, it is critical your company makes the correct one.

To make the most effective Dallas office space decision, MYRETA provides several critical attributes listed below to keep in mind.

Critical Attributes

Do not take the word of the lease manager, landlord or what the lease agreement states is the square footage of the office space you want to lease. Measure it yourself and make sure you are getting what you’re paying for. The square footage is fundamental since all the other decisions you make about filling the office space will be based off of those numbers. If they are wrong, you will waste a lot of other money you cannot afford to lose.

Building Ownership & Management
The quality and reputation of the office building ownership and management is crucial (unless you are acquiring the property). The quality of the office space will only be as good as the involvement and responsiveness of the landlord towards repairs and maintenance. This should be a critical element of any office space purchase or leasing decision.

Building Impression
Office spaces make strong impression on clients, visitors, employees and business partners. When buying or leasing office space, evaluating the layout of entrance lobbies, conference rooms and other public spaces are important. In general, office space for a business should align with the business values you want to express to your employees, investors and partners. If done right, an office building and your internal space can greatly aid the growth of your business.

Future Expansion Options
An often overlooked aspect of buying or leasing office space is whether or not the property can accommodate future expansion and what restrictions exist that could hamper these expansion efforts. If additional office space is not available within the same office building, a business is making a conscious decision they will either move again when they out-grow the current space or constrict growth to stay within that space.

Workplace Amenities
Employees place a high value on work places that offer convenient access to a variety of amenity options like food, retail and fitness facilities. Convenient access to these amenities are important considerations in selecting office space.

Workplace Environment
The physical layout and characteristics of the office space are also important considerations. Office spaces or properties that provide high ceilings with wide spread access to natural light usually are nicer places to work. Studies also show higher energy levels when employees are working in a bright office, with a connection to the outside world and systems that reduce contaminants and exchange internal air with air from outside the office building. Important indicators include office spaces for lease with a LEED certification or an ENERGY STAR label since they signify the office building is energy efficient and managed in an environmentally responsible way.

Some older office properties, and even some new ones, are not up to modern connectivity standards to support today's businesses. In purchasing or leasing office space, it is smart to identify the available Internet options and contact utility companies directly to ensure the office space being evaluated is connected to their service. Internet and telecom service companies will often provide a free assessment of an office location, and will charge the office landlord if installation is required. Include that improvement as a stipulation in the lease agreement before signing a lease office space.

A business should carefully evaluate security for any office space for lease and also the neighbourhood the property resides in. Controlled access and alarm systems should be in place. Checking with local authorities on reports of any cases of intrusion or thefts in the office space would be a good idea.

Location is probably the most critical factor to consider in purchasing or leasing office space. A location with convenient access to major highways, bus routes and public transit helps employees get to work easily and be more productive when there. It is also vital for recruiting potential employees since the business can pull candidates from a larger geographical area.

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